Home Energy Efficiency

See where you're spending your money on electricity and start saving on your next power bill!

Receive a FREE Energy Management Plan which will identify where you can save on your next power bill!

Available with any Smart Energy Monitor or Energy Assessment booking.

Energy Efficiency made better

Energy Auditing

A comprehensive In-Home Energy Audit by our certified team investigates and identifies your power usage behaviours, patterns and hotspots. The results will provide you with a clear picture of where energy savings are possible.

Automation and control

Once we’ve identified areas of potential energy savings, we develop a Smart Energy Savings Plan specifically for your home and lifestyle. 

Maintenance and support

Contact us through the interface; we can troubleshoot and repair issues over the cloud. Or book the same electrician who installed your smart home solution.

Eco Efficient house is your go to solution to understand and tackle your energy costs

Our Partners

Energy Efficiency Council
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