Discover the Smappee energy monitor range

The smart residential energy monitor 

The Smappee system

Smappee is the smartest energy monitor available on the residential market. Its submetering capability gives you greater visibility over your home energy use—in real time.

Learn more about what submetering can do for your energy use.


Smappee dashboard and app

Smappee helps you to take control of your energy use with powerful analysis and visualisations. You can see your energy use in real-time and track it on a periodic basis: every five minutes, hour, day, month and year.

Customise your Smappee dashboard with data that matters to you, and compare and share data easily with simple exports.

If your customers are using Smappee, you can support them remotely with first-line support functionality. All Smappee data is secured in the cloud so you can access it anywhere, on any device.

Smappee Infinity

From $Au 576

Price varies based on device configuration. Get in touch with us for an accurate quote suited to your needs.

Smappee Energy

$Au 299

Perfect for town houses and apartments. Does not read solar. Includes a free Smappee Switch (limited stock available).

Smappee Solar

$Au 450

Perfect to take your energy consumption and production into your hands. Includes a free Smappee Switch (limited stock available).

Smappee Plus

$Au 800 per unit.
Perfect for the 4+ bedroom house with appliances dedicated circuits.

Includes a free Smappee Switch.

Smappee Switch

$Au 91.42 per unit.
Understand how each of your appliances use energy and control them remotely. Requires any Smappee smart energy monitor.

Smappee Gas/Water Monitor

$Au 226.8
Requires any Smappee Energy monitor.
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