Smappee Infinity

The power of Smappee Infinity

Smappee Infinity is the next generation of energy monitoring for residential and commercial properties.

It listens and learns as it detects your major appliances and uses smart submetering to measure different circuits and loads.

Smappee Infinity gives you detailed information on your appliances and how much energy they are using. This information helps you to save money by increasing your energy awareness and efficiency.

Benefits of submetering

Submestering is a powerful tool to have within your home. It divides your energy use into different areas—lights, power points, air-conditioning, pool, laundry—and will show you which areas are consuming the most energy.

By looking at what is connected to each circuit, you can work out how to reduce your energy use.


Use Smappee to save money

The data your Smappee energy monitor collects will show you your energy habits and patterns. Using this information, you can make informed decisions to change how you use energy.

Using timers with your appliances can help you get the most out of your solar energy: time your hot water system to heat water during the day, and set your washing machine and drier to run on while the sun is shining. These small changes add up to significant power and money savings.


Smart EV charging

Electric vehicle charging can have a huge impact on household energy use. The modular Smappee Infinity smart energy management system gives you flexible options to control the impact of EV charging on your household’s energy flow.

The system works from inside the switchboard panel to monitor, control and harmonise energy flows—inclusing EV charging. When energy consumption increases—such as when you’re preparing dinner—Smappee Infinity automatically sends less power to the EV charger. It means greater efficiency and self-consumption, and no more blown fuses.

Smappee puts the power in your hands.

Book an energy audit with our certified experts to experience the benefit of Smappee Infinity in your home.

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