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Help your business save energy and power with our energy audits

Energy Audits

Understand your energy use to date across every area of your business.

Energy Monitoring

Closely track your energy use, solar energy production, gas and water usage to measure where you can create further savings.

Power Factor Correction

Boost your bottom line with our PFC that can correctly identify the equipment that’s consuming unused power.

Solar Optimisation & LED Upgrades

Automate and control your solar and lighting costs. Optimise to maximise your return on investment.

Energy Audits

Eco Efficient House offers Level 1, 2 & 3 Energy Audits compliant with the Energy Efficiency Council Standards for industrial and commercial corporations.

Our energy audits lay out our proposed plan to help boost your energy efficiency. The audit report outlines what we can do for you, how to resolve the problems you’re experiencing and all of the expenses.

Armed with your energy information and our deep understanding of your business and priorities, we’ll recommend a plan to achieve your goals and save energy.

How our process works:
  1. First an onsite visit by an independent, certified energy assessor will install a power analyser or energy logger, list all of your rooms and equipment in detail, and collect your electricity contract information.
  2. After the onsite visit, you’ll receive a detailed and commented energy usage report, a contract evaluation and a list of recommendations to boost your energy efficiency with the implementation costs.
demonstration of energy audit

Choose the right audit for your business.

We’ll recommend a high-level audit for small sites or tight budgets. This audit will give you broad estimates for potential energy savings to begin improving your energy efficiency.

A level two audit will give you specific recommendations to inform your investment decisions.

We’ll recommend a level three audit if you need to deeply understand a sub-system that uses a lot of energy on your site. It will give you accurate, specific information about that system to inform your investment decisions.

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Energy Monitoring

Smappee Energy Monitoring System

Eco Efficient House uses the Smappee energy monitoring system for both commercial and residential clients. 

Energy monitoring is a vital tool needed in business to learn about energy habits, and where you can save energy or optimise your energy usage. This will help you save on your power bills and reduce energy consumption. 

Having an energy monitor can also automate some of your energy behaviours, such as having the lights turned off at a particular time. 

We have a variety of energy monitoring tools available within the Smappee range. 

"Which Smappee monitor is best suited for my business?"

Power Factor Correction (PFC)

Fix the inefficiencies in your business with a PFC. It will boost your business’ bottom line and fast-track your steps to achieve your corporate environmental impact goals. We use advanced technology to identify and correct the equipment that’s consuming unused power. Our power factor correction processes have reduced some companies’ power consumption by up to 40%

A power factor correction can help reduce electricity consumption and power bills through optimising current drawn energy and used. It also improves performance of your appliances and reduces the wear and tear through powering it with quality energy. Doing a PFC regularly has the ability to extend your appliance’s lifetime. 

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Solar Optimisation & LED Upgrades

Complement your energy audit with this service. Gain control over your solar and lighting through automation and optimisation of your energy. Alongside the Smappee, your solar energy production can be optimised so that you are producing your own electricity, reducing your energy bill costs. Further reduce your impact on the environment with our LED and other upgrades to help you improve your energy efficiency. 

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"The Eco Efficient House team have been really helpful. They have a good range of products to efficiently monitor your consumption, as well as great tool to save time and money. They helped us to make the right choices. I highly recommend having a chat with them. It is worth it!"
"Great team to talk to about energy efficiency. They gave us a very comprehensive energy audit, and helped us save energy usage and on our power bill."