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What is Flipr?

Flipr is a smart pool water testing device that tells you how to manage your pool through the Flipr App. Pool water analysis is done in real time; plus see historical data of your pool maintenance through the app. With Flipr, reduce pool maintenance costs per month by up to 30%. Spend less time worrying about the maintenance with Flipr’s pool automation. 

*Compatible with salt water pools, chlorine pools and bromine pools.

Pool water testing without the stress.

  • Keep track of your pool
  • More accurate measurements than test strips
  • Save on pool maintenance costs
  • Compatiable with your smart home

How it Works

Flipr Pool Automation


Your device will start analysing immediately.

Flipr App for pool water testing


Follow the customised care instructions on the app.

Save time and money with Flipr pool water testing


Flipr will give you alerts straight to your phone if any action is required.

Flipr - Smart Pool Devices

Flipr - a device connected to your pool that tells you how to test your pool water

Flipr Start

Flipr Start is the perfect smart device for every pool owner. It helps reduce pool maintenance time by alerting you through the Flipr App. It does all the pool water testing for you. It analyses water temperature, disinfectant level and pH levels – updating you through the App. Even the pool testing novice can keep their pool beautiful and clean all year around with the Flipr Start. 

Flipr Hub

Flipr Hub allows you to remotely control your pool, where ever you are, from your smartphone. Pool automation works like a smart switch. Automate your pool lights, pumps and heating. Through the Flipr App also automate your pool maintenance. Using the Flipr Hub will help reduce electricity consumption from your pool by up to 20%. It’s the perfect addition for your smart home ecosystem. 

Flipr Hub Logo

Perfect for YOUR pool.

Flipr has been specially designed to fit all swimming pools without damaging them. It discreetly adapts to your living space without getting in the way.

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