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Welcome Smappee as trusted partners

Eco Efficient House welcomes Smappee as a trusted partner for its energy auditing and home automation solution.

What does it mean for Eco Efficient House to secure this partnership?

The Smappee energy monitor will provide your home, and our team, the possibility to understand your usage and become proactive with your energy use. The NILM technology developed by Smappee has given its products the capacity to detect and read energy use from your appliances at home, which will help us give you the most accurate reporting for our energy audit.

Once we install Smappee at your house you can already achieve up to 30% energy savings through understanding your usage and appliances. And for us it puts a stop to the guessing game for appliances usage and potential flows and provide our energy audit a precision that has never been achieved before

Welcome AtomPower as trusted partner

Eco Efficient House is proud to announce our partnership with Atom Power as our official trusted electrician.

AtomPower experience, shared values of ethic and service quality, friendly and professional staff, made the partnering decision the right call.

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