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Want to slice your energy bills and help the environment, all at the same time? Discover our comprehensive In-Home Energy Audit and Automation solutions.

Energy Auditing

At Eco Efficient House, we strongly believe that in order to achieve energy efficiency we first need to understand the energy profile of our clients.

Our innovative In-Home Energy Audit process is designed to follow a strict procedure. This process involves three simple steps:

  1. An interview with the client (you);
  2. An in-home assessment;
  3. A comprehensive report is presented to the client.

How will all this help me to start saving on my electricity bill?

The Interview

You will begin your journey towards energy efficiency in a meeting with our expert team. Here we will discuss what you would like to achieve, how our service works and our range of home energy saving options.

In-Home Assessment

With the installation of a very precise, non-intrusive energy measurement monitor, ‘Smappee’, our highly qualified electricians are able to gain a detailed understanding of your energy output. While this assessment phase lasts approximately one month, your family can continue to use the Smappee energy monitor after the assessment to help you start your journey towards energy efficiency.


Finally, we provide you with a comprehensive report that details all the information we have gathered from your Energy Audit. The report will include:

  • Your month’s worth of energy usage;
  • A highlight of any identified strengths and weaknesses of the property and appliances that could effect your energy usage;
  • A detailed appliance energy consumption report;
  • Any required updates in the house, such as lights, water and heater;
  • A personalised energy management plan containing our recommended energy efficiency solutions;
  • A detailed and professional energy efficiency advice.

Comprehensive Energy Auditing

Our comprehensive Energy Audit has been developed for energy savvy homeowners who would like to be mindful of how much power each of their appliances are draining. This detailed review will also provide you with advice on which easy-to-implement solutions would reduce your energy bill and overall usage, for example turning off the washing machine at night, simple light changes or an upgrade of an old appliance. 

Full Energy Auditing

Our Full Energy Audit is undertaken through the Smappee Energy monitor app. Your final report will provide you with a complete understanding of your appliances and utilities, as well as any upgrades required with their potential ROI. Your report will also identity better suited electricity providers and outline a suggested timetable to run your appliances if you have a solar system. 

Home Automation and Control

Nowadays, home automation and control systems are more accessible than ever. At Eco Efficient House, Our philosophy is to ensure that you are provided with the most suitable system based on what you need, without overflowing your house with unnecessary technological gadget and add-ons.

We have partnered with industry leading companies to provide you with innovative systems that will help you and your family set basic scenarios. Such circumstances include:

  • Lights will automatically turn off between the hours of 12am – 6am;
  • The coffee machine turns on at 7:30am promptly;
  • The home responds to voice activation commands – a simple “good morning” to your phone can light your way from your bedroom to your kitchen. Alternatively, “good night” will turn off the TV/computer/DVD player/consoles etc. 

Automation isn’t just your solution to reduce your ‘always on’ appliances. You can be just one touch away from any controllable item in your house. With our advance solutions, you can use your mobile device to:

  • Turn off forgotten lights (or worse – hair straighteners!);
  • Turn on the air con at home as you leave work on a hot day;
  • Check in on your home while you’re vacation for peace of mind and enhanced security.

If you’d like to learn more about our energy efficiency solutions, contact our team today.

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