Flipr Start


Flipr Start

Flipr is the ideal companion for any pool owner. Maintain a good pH, dose your products properly and trigger filtration. Flipr supports the good management of its pools remotely. From the app you can remotely switch your Flipr on or off, or even automate it.

With Flipr you will never have to worry about wastage of chemicals again. As the app carries out up to 20+ precise analyses a day, Flipr will tell you exactly what to do and when you need to do it. You will reduce your pool maintenance costs by up to 30%.




Flipr has more than 15 innovative features to increase the comfort in your home and limit the need for pool maintenance, These include:

  • 4-season alerts
  • Advice on dosages based on the products and/or equipment used
  • Sharing of advice in the case of absence
  • Customizable alert thresholds
  • Historical data for better monitoring 
  • Connectivity to Amazon Alexa / Google Home smart speakers
  • Sharing of water temperatures to social networks


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