Smappee Infinity


Smappee Infinity

Members of the Smappee Infinity ecosystem:

  1. Genius
    • Gateway between monitoring system and the Smappee Cloud
    • Interacts with Smappee Switch and Smappee Gas & Water
    • Optimised self-consumption
    • Allows infinity to become a Home Building Energy Management System (HEMS)
  2. Power Box
    • Heart of the monitoring system
    • Measures line voltage of different connected phases
    • Collects currents from CT sensors
    • DIN rail mountable
    • Calculates power, active energy, reactive energy
  3. CT Hub
    • Connect up to 4CTs or Rogowski coils
    • Daisy chain up to 7 CT Hubs to measure different installations
    • Measure installations within 100 metres
    • Allows for submetering
    • Measure currents from 50A to 1,000A
  4. CT Core
    • Typically used for 3-phase measurements.
    • Accuracy class 0.2%.
    • Daisy-chain up to 9 Solid Core 3-Phase CTs or combine with Smappee CT Hubs to measure up to 28 inputs and up to a distance of 100 meters (109 yards).
    • Small, compact.
    • Cost-effective alternative to the CT Hub with CTs




The energy management solution for every need. Smappee Infinity collects real-time and historical production and consumption data down to the appliance level, resulting in actionable insights into your always-on, energy guzzlers and everyday energy use. Varying options dependent on your home set-up. Please speak to an energy expert on which type of Smappee Infinity is right for you before purchasing.


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