Discover the Smappee Energy monitor range

The smartest residential energy monitor available 


Discover the Smappee system

Smappee is currently the smartest energy monitor available to the residential market. By detecting your appliances and allowing you to understand which appliances/lights are costing you the most per uses.

Smappee Dashboard and Mobile App

This comprehensive web-based tool can be used for graphic and numerical analysis, to track data on a periodic basis (regular intervals: 5-minute, hourly, daily, monthly and yearly). Add the cards to visualize the data for each site according to your preference, easily compare results and export the required data as a .csv file, using the download button. The dashboard includes a first line support functionality, allowing you to help your customers remotely.  Access the Dashboard from your navigation bar on Smappee’s website. Once logged in, using the app login details, you can check the energy flows in the building from any web browsers

Smappee Infinity

From $Au 897.6
This device has multiple component and price depends on configuration. We advise to get in touch with our team to allow for more accurate quotation.

Smappee Energy

$Au 328.9
Product includes a free Smappee Switch with any orders (Limited Stock).
Does not read solar, perfect for town houses/apartment living.

Smappee Solar

$Au 495
Product includes a free Smappee Switch with any orders (Limited Stock)

Perfect unit to help you have your energy consumption and production in your hands.

Smappee Switch

$Au 91.42 per unit.
Requires any Smappee Smart energy monitor to work.
Get to know what your appliances exactly use and control them remotely.

Smappee Gaz/Water Monitor

$Au 226.8
Requires any Smappee Energy monitor to work.
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