Take control of your energy costs​

Your energy Health check starts today.

1. In-home energy audit​

The full diagnostic in-home energy audit by our certified* team identifies your hot spots and investigates your power use behaviours and patterns.

2. Solution report

Once we have identified areas of potential energy savings, we develop a comprehensive report with a list of solutions personalised to your home and lifestyle. 

Our report will provide expert recommendations for:

  • smart technology to monitor and manage your energy use
  • eco-efficient solutions, such as solar
  • simple automation system implementation
  • options for alternate appliances
  • ways to modify your energy behaviour to minimise wasteful consumption.

It pays to keep your eye on the ball​

The best thing you can do to save energy dollars is to implement your tailored Eco Efficient House solution from our comprehensive report. 

To monitor your energy use, you need a great tool. We use Smappee—the smartest and most accurate in-home energy monitor on the market.


Smappee provides energy insights by reading your consumption on two levels: use from the grid and use per circuit. This guarantees a full coverage of your energy spending. 

Control how and when you use energy by optimising your self-consumption, view real-time consumption data on any device, and easily integrate Smappee with other smart home devices and control them from the Smappee app.

I've been using Smappee for a few months now and have been able to track my energy usage and solar production accurately. After just a few days, my appliances started to pop up—like my fridge, which made me realise how often it is actually on and off. Plus, it tells me an average cost per year, which has been quite interesting to understand the costs of certain appliances and lights.
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